Moments In Tulle – Designer Party Favours

Moments In Tulle designs and creates custom handmade favours for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers and other special occasions. We design the perfect favour that will fit the clients theme and style. Moments In Tulle offers a great variety of favours (traditional, modern, classic and vintage) that are a beautiful and thoughtful keepsake and a reflection of the bride and groom. Working closely with renowned suppliers from Europe, Moments in Tulle will help make your special event complete.

Make YOUR special big day a memorable one for YOU and your guests. You want them to know that you thought of them. But you also want them to remember YOUR special day for years to come!

About Lora (owner):

As a bride, a bridesmaid, and a guest at many weddings I have developed a passion and appreciation for that special day and all the preperation that goes into them. I decided to get involved!

Being born to Greek immigrant parents in Canada, and living in Germany for 21 years, I have had the honour of experiencing a variety of cultures. My project management background allowed me to travel to different European countries, further enriching my cultural experience. One thing all cultures have in common is the special place the union of two people has in the hearts and minds of all who are involved.